In The Moment


Unexpectedly, the rain took out
the electricity because wind came
at us high and wires snapped. You 
hear the house go whoomp when
transformers blow and the tv
and refrigerator join the darkness.
Like post auto accident, shock
sets in and with no back-up
generator, you sit in the moment
helpless, wondering if death
is the next thing or will there
be more time.
We do not like being at anyone’s
mercy, but we are joined at the hip
to our microwaves and crock pots.
In the moment it all stops, we
reach for batteries and back-ups
wondering briefly if this 
is the big one.
We sigh looking outside ascertaining
that the world is simply dark but still there.
We know eventually it will pulse with light
again despite such moments that make
us fear. Again, we learn to discover
in our moment of trembling, nothing
is amiss or odd except unexpected

© allets 2023
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