Dreamed Love

Part sweet, mostly caring, gratitude
makes this part of my life part thank you
and part you. There is much, from then
to now, that is more than luck made
Not your heart beat, not your arms,
not the time spent soothed by that which
overcomes. I am the one inside the time
spent listening to the sound of the way
your arms feel.
It was no accident, this amazement.
Nothing better describes the warmth,
the soothing. Nothing describes the fire.
Your presence and mine burn secure,
caring, safe inside a presence that feels
like another creation of the concepts
of souls.
Barely spoken, the words now crush
the overly spoken world. Resisting
the impossible, kisses are okay. Hugs
say everything necessary.
Fast love has become natural vibration.
Like home, a current of life becomes
a spark we created. Searching like
a wandering heart, finding like a possible
home, keeping tells us separation
in impossible.
Wrap my arms around your heated view
and feel the warmth inside. I want to wrap you
around my fire that sears the edges of each
heartbeat. Feel amazed by all you are or will be.
Your dare to do became a yes filled with the
proper response of my dare to do and become
Come to me. Always come to me.
Be present, be seen. Hold onto me
and be held. Resisting this summons
is no longer a possible thing. This
connection is mutually felt, like home,
like that which defies hurt or harm.
More words are spoken now
and, in normalcy of comfort,
we find this natural language
that tenderly unfolds to challenge
division, that stands defiant
of parting.
Amazingly, four arms wrap around
a fire to which we both supply
the kindling. This connection, quickly
come, was the aroma of that which lasts.
You are not the lesson. I am the hand
you have been preparing to press
and keep.
To resist vibrant hugs and kisses daily,
to not speak soul to soul, to watch
and want and need and not have
is no longer possible.
It took so long for these words
to arrive like a lesson that taught
you that I am the home your life
has desired and, wanting, needed.
My thinking has found comfort
in the definition of you and separation
is no longer possible because you
are the destination my eyes
have been looking for.

© allets 2023
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