Prose I

Intro: As an exercise, I took seven large poems and converted them to one long poem. This breaks up the extended prose poem into parts for easier consumption (or indigestion) Note: I took the long poem and alphabetized the lines then deleted the unnecessary that did not adhere to the theme of writing poetry. Over 3 days I added grammatical connectives and vocabulary. I’m sure the Dadaists would approve  😀

For some a bit of bread is like a catchy tune; too much of a lifelong view to taste it correctly. That’s what it means to be a writer, published, and alive all at the same time. Or it is the new reverence, the new paladin? Is it a reminder that I have poetic acquaintances among family with no money who are about everything to say and doing nothing about it. It is just air and makes lots of noise traipsing and leaves you riding on bad thinking. I write it all down, so it will be accurately chronicled.

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