How To Capture A Mate After Sixty (Part II)

Walking side by side, wrapped up and warm
in winter. recounting the years like sleepless sheep
will keep the brain cells stimulated and keep
the arteries open. A dog works for me. Tww
even better. We are too old to tolerate toddlers.
The grans can visit but not stay long. These young
people make ‘em they have to do time like 
we did.
We old codgers will be busy
going to church, sitting like bookends
on our pew, or going though albums
of pictures for fun. No longer steady
hands will alternatingly try to fit
that little hole on the steel post to play
music from the LP’s we collected forever.
We will try to do the Bunny Hop
and bob our way to the doctor’s office
from time to time, but mostly
we will watch tv and smile
at each other a lot. The point, you
younger folks must see, is that
we don’t want to die alone. 
I’ve been thinking about this
for ten years or so. There’s gotta
be a cat or dude or man or fellow isolados
out there who can overlook my foibles.
He has ‘em too. I’ll let them be, while we
compare who has the most moles
and age spots.
Whatever our collective doctors say
we can eat, I’ll cook with no salt shaker.
Varicosed vein tracking is the new art
I hear. We can laugh at that together.
Balding is a problem for many males,
the culture says hair replacement. But I
have no problem with no hair if you
don’t mind mine gray.

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