The Ground We Walk.

When walking along those twisty lanes on the hard crisp ground,

It’s the time of the year when you hear your feet touch the ground.

Deep frost is in there and not a live seed to be seen.

Wait, don’t be hasty, absorb the beauty?…

There are snow drops, what a wonderful sight.

Almost all is asleep for those shortest of days and those cold winter nights.

You take a deep breath and the air exhaled turns to steam.

But it’s so clear that your lungs feel the clean,pure air,

Your breath shortens but so does your step, not likely to run or break into a sweat.

No, it’s that time of year for a safe steady stride.

Whilst walking along with wide open eyes, we have such transparent and clear views

With those bare stricken trees, making  them less bothered by the westerly breeze

It’s a clear blue sky, winter light has more clarity

Often so bright.

Longer shadows to hide the wonders of life, 

The low sun causes drama, much shorter,

Less things to hide.

The moon seems  to hang around for most of the time, is he also admiring those moments with us?

The passage of time moves slowly,

Winters are long whilst summers seem short.

So walk in the world whenever you can, because life is refreshing however we plan.

Life has its constants; we should never doubt, there’s such fun  Ahead when the sun comes out…

Breathe in breathe out, for living is what life’s really about.

© munster 2023
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