The relativity of youth and age


They say your body starts declining at 18

and that it won’t develop any further after that

but only gradually degenerate and go to ruin;

but there is no trickier business than the relativity of age.

A youth can feel much older than his parents

and start wearying of life before his grandparents,

while a pensioner can feel that suddenly his life begins.

The secret wish and quest for everlasting youth

has always been a much desired predilection,

like the prophet’s stone of alchemy,

but somehow people always shot beyond the mark.

The answer and solution is a simple one:

just keep on living, always look ahead,

live for the future, and you never must forget

it’s always there and much in it to do and live for.

Youths can think of suicide, frustrated out of lust for life,

while someone in his 60s suddenly encounters love

and finds a new life worth exploring and expanding.

That if anything proves age, if anything, is very relative.
































© lailaroth 2023
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I love the truth behind this so many young people are weary of life before it has even really begun, while those much older realise the value of it and cherish every day. sue.


23 for women and 25 for men, after these ages we decline indeed and by all means it’s a very relative procedure

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