Le Moment, La Rhapsodie…

Fond memories grow…
Sadness will slow.
For this man we all knew?

The more I find out
The less I seem to know.
His music touched a trillions ears.
We say there will be another,
But no one could replace him.
You filled our hearts!
You filled our minds.
Open and true,
We all remember the beauty.
Your stature your voice.
Your self-belief.
You put glitz in the shade.
That beauty died,
Your wondrous songs survive,
Filling our ears with bounty,
To last a millennium.
The hounds of the press
Sing to the angels,
For you are a star, a rock star.  

Leave us jealous for now,
Should you have been born?
Without question…

You rocked our world,

Our world rocked with you.
FM those were the days.

© munster 2023
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