You can see right through oncoming illusions,
Flying into the face of what is imposed.
Inscrutable demands of nature are few,
Unnegotiable, unfathomable, unconscious yet true.
Bow strung by a starry phantom;
Even the zodiac aligns the nearest astral slew.
Spell-binding reason harnessed to necessity
Far beyond the hullabaloo of the Tower of Babel.
Unweighed desire, unharnessed choice, unsorted experience
Crown the animal imperative ungovernable,
Lifting the world away like a turning marble—
Evolving blue and green variations in its glass—
You range through space as Spiderman,
Surrender to time as if there were a chance.

© ross 2023
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weird but now that i reread it i think it fits well enough the description of a star sign. yours. Virgo.

could it be an esoteric need to converse with your own star sign? which is the most pragmatic and reasonable, with a steadfast mindset and values. good or bad.

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