I Saw Into a Child’s Eyes

One bright summer’s day

Whilst taking a tram into town,

I saw a child, a teen in a wheelchair; 

He had very little mobility.

But at the same time it was plain to see

He was happy within his brave little world.

There were many able children

Aboard the tram that day…some laughing,

All lively, enjoying their years.
Some pretending to be adults, 

Showing anger to their peers.
If only they could all be childlike, 

Yes I usher, before it’s too late… 

Robbing themselves of those innocent years.

They however had several things in common,

These did not bless him.
They could all talk, they could all walk…

Yes, they had the power to achieve all before them.
And all so much taken for granted, 

From this all too early age.

But this little boy relied on almost everyone…

Except for the power of his mind.

He could not speak,

But he can imagine and dream all the same.

His eyes sparkled; he could see all he wanted to.

He was in a world of his own,

I could see from his smile.
It was a happy world none the less.

What do we want? 

Do we expect too much? 

He is happy, so why not us?

Maybe I along with many need to take a reality check,

Even eat a large slice of humble pie.,

So let’s all step back, look at our world 

And if possible, view it as a child would.
Through a child’s eyes there is little confusion…

Rarely anger, trusting and purest thoughts emanate…

Because life can be uncomplicated

Simple, yes it’s so true, we were just too young to realise

By the time we did it was all so late.
We grew up so fast, adults before we knew it,

Life not so easy then…

But I often think of that day and that smile.
If an image could paint a thousand words, 

There would have been no questions left unanswered…

One happy boy…

© munster 2023
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