Why Can’t We Live Like Swans

Swans grace the lake at Gouganbarra,

Courting couples swimming together.

They mirror each other,

Always, in every way, 

Paired together, that’s forever, 

Never occurring to stray!

Their love is special

And will never wane.

So happy just to be together, 

So sweet, so simple in its way,
They admire each other;

In a graceful swan like way.

They look in the water

What can they see?
Why each other of course, 

For their reflections are the very same.

They preen each other

In their  swan like way.
Their love so strong; 

You know, in an unconditional swan like way.

They both tend their young

As new life begins,

They work as one, together, 

each and every day,
In their swan like way.

Sharing their thoughts,

Sharing their love,

Devoted to all in their care…

Ever ready to share each others darker days

When one dies the other is without loss

They live on with memories

Lasting their whole life through…

The day will come and together they will be,

On a lake well above the world we know.

Once again,as one, swimming,

Clapping their clamorous wings

Graceful as ever and that will last forever,

In their Swan like way….

O’ to be like swans?

© munster 2023
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