I do not like change.

Lonely blow the winds of change,

they steal, ice cold through every hour,

what was is not, and cannot be.

All that’s left will fall away, leave

an empty shell of me.

© sweetwater 2020
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very sad poem horrible when change is like that


Change is, of course, inevitable, and occurring slowly enough to allow time to adapt, we usually, if reluctantly accept life being like that in the name of progress. But, today, change occurs at too fast a pace, one easily loses the red thread of continuity keeping personal identity, formed by life’s long journey, strongly intact. Engaged in new trends and technical advances, the world seems to race past, leaving one falling more and more behind as one gets older. Nostalgia replaces ambition in the search for meaning…..Love your short poems, small gems, that say so much, Sue. Intellectually and emotionally,… Read more »


This is an honest confession. What is outside of us changes. What is inside is unchangeable. Your title inevitably connects with the inside. Thank you for sharing.

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