My nursing experiences continued………

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Main text of your writing.  So i had to be there at two o’clock so i drive to the police station then parked the car as it was still only     fifteen minute  to go      yet  so i    lit a fag and wondered what is going to happen then just before the time i knocked at the door and a charming lady officer came and opened and gave me a smile and let me in then she locked the door behind me that made me think ‘why lock the door’ then she said follow me and i did       then went to three more doors and i tell you the first time i started pannicking and thought of what my friebd Sue   had said ‘ dougie whatever you do never get into trouble with the Brentwood police as they are very racist@ that really freaked me out out and mu heart started pounding, i could feel my heart racing and my whole body started to weaken , i had never felt like that before and had never been in trouble with the police before so we came to an office and there was a sargeant standing  behind a computer so the lady officer stood in front of him and drew a paper and and started reading   ‘ this is Mr Dookeeram and he was in charge that day and did C and R and as a result the patient suffered severe injury’ that was all she said. There were two police officers on my side suddenly and they said take off your jacket and everything you have in all your  pockets so i did and my trainers and socks all i had my shirt and my trousers and they walked me in a long corridor and came to a cell they opened it and asked me to go in and said if you need anything just ring this buzzer which was inside the cell near the door and locked the big black door and there i was in the cell, i looked around there was a window right up near the ceiling all locked and a plastic mattress blue it was on the side and a toilet that’s it i tell you my fear had been realised what      Sue had said. I really felt depressed i thought of everything my family and i used to collect my kids from school after work at three so i buzzed and an officer came and i said how is my partner getting notified where i am and he said do not worry your manager has already  informed her and she will collect the kids do not worry and he also said do not worry a solicitor is coming soon and you will be free to . He  went away but i could not relax i could hardly breathe it made think as if the oxygen in that room has been lowered as if like a punishment, myriads of things started crossing my mind and i kept looking up window and it started to get dark and that did not help as i could not see the sky anymore, i    sat on that mattress and it was not that comfortable and all idid just wait, now and again i could hear footsteps and the jingling of    keys and  i kept hoping they are going to let me out after an hour an officer came, opened the door and said, ‘ i am sorry to say your solicitor had to go and attend a serious case so he will  be here within a couple of hours so i am afraid you have to wait a bit longer and went away that  did not ally my fear all i was thinking was what is going to happen to me that was foremost on my mind


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