Death of a Damselfly

Of all the places to die
you decided on my arms.
I’d seen you earlier,
flying by the tree.
From the corner of my eye,
a flash of cobalt blue.
An insect intent on immortality,
in my mind at least.
It could have ended there if my second youngest,
hadn’t hounded.
A damsel in distress.
Final flirtations following a fortnight of flight.
Blessed beatification,
balanced on a sun-ripened wrist.
The waning whiz of wings,
which once waxed lyrical
over ponds and rivers.
And if you’ve never heard a dying damsel
the noise will send shivers,
a Canaan cacophony.
And in the end you fell silent.
Summer ended.
I placed you by the tree
and walked into the house.
It was the first dark evening
after the longest day.

© swissterrace 2023
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A beautiful poem, I could see it all in my mind and found it very touching.

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