she came

She came, a naked beauty without a name,
Searching a vessel of love’s fragrance,
Though vessels are-if falsified- not the same,
Love’s lure sails in silence and bore
Certainly each onto a different shore,
Like the one she searched to achieve her fate,
Of a heart that was burned by lights of lies,
Breathed blowing the sails into bed of paradise,
Swiftly to the dream, photographed in her eyes,
Yet like all dreams, each had awakening tale,
Her face could tell the thoughts that were hovering,
Blooming sweats of mute repentance,
O, old songs told about this harrowing experience,
Of shining mirage of love for centuries,
Of lore’s vessels without conscience,
Haunting traveler’s hearts with obscure innocence,
O, I perceived her wish, yet could not translate,
But colorless hints upon the tongue were quivering,
For her trip was done, and the daring heart was late.

© jamalbbd 2023
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Beautiful wordsmithery.

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