Michael Angelo



I compare such beauties to your vibrant works. 

We all recall the Sistine chapel,

There was so much more to you. 

You work was often halted by lackluster beings. 

You were drawn to Rome possibly against your will. 

You had to yield to others at times,

Whilst greater appetizers filled your anxious eyes. 

When I imagine your great mind,

It’s easy to understand. 

You created timeless works of art throughout the land… 

They live on in memory of you, no matter what. 

Life looking through your eyes must have been

A constant wondrous surprise. 

From child like to adult,

In tempestuous fleeting moments. 

Inspiration from?

I would love to no where.

One of life’s true masters,

The natural self nurtured kind. 

We all draw on life’s natural resources,

How about you. 

Where do we start,

Where do we end,

When thoughts flood 

Our Creative minds.

 Its often through ageing eyes

We realise what creation is all about. 

The value of the world around,

Its beauty truly profound. 

You dedicated your life to others requests,

But everything you made was your gold. 

I would have so liked to have been

Within a cocked hat of you. 

But who I am cannot change,

So we will have to just try and make do. 

Your favored life

Has given me inspiration,

To be just me.


© munster 2023
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