The Wall 2018 Poem

A poem about the biological reality of women, girls dating, and relationships. This poem would have been perfect for Abstract-Concrete-Poetry. I’ll have to include it in Abstract-Concrete-Poetry 2. Intellectual Erotic Poetry, Intellectual Poetry, Poetry Love, Poetry Beautiful, Poetry Deep, Poetry Relationships, Poetry, Poems and Poetry, Poet Cupideros, Poetry Truth, Philosophical Poetry. hashtag#howto hashtag#biology hashtag#3D poetry hashtag#poetry hashtag#video

The Wall 2018

It was not the infamous Berlin Wall,

That divided scarce East from rich laden West;

Neither was it Hadrian’s or Tammany’s Hall,


Fiercely, keeping chaos out under protest.


It was simple, really a line in the sand.

She had no trouble jumping as it grew, expand.

She had no toll and trouble reaching meadowland.

Sixteen, eighteen, she came, and she freely went,

Without a bother, without a lament.


Into the marriage section dividing wall,

Again, back out from wedlock ‘s mixture tie.

She roamed University’s, Independence Hall.

She toured paper, and fancy caps and guy.


Twenty-three for sport, she jumped the sacred, taller wall.

With no harsh contort or snort, she did court all.

Well, let’s just say, many as she wanted, desired;


Or as many as dutifully inquired.


At her power’s height, she carrousel played.

At her power’s height, she leaped the blockade.

None could tell her of the mirror’s mythic stance.

None could tell her the fast fading boy romance,


As she jumped, chatted, texted on her blown-up phone.

Alone, yet enthrone on the scarce side of the wall.

Twenty-five, six, seven, eight came and said goodbye.

Twenty-nine, thirty, and one nagged her, bemoaned.


And now it was the infamous Berlin Wall,

More specifically a perfect Chinese Wall;

Spreading far and wide and very very tall.

This precipice she joyfully, willingly installed.


Copyright by Cupideros, December 30, 2018

© Cupideros 2023
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