Você ilumina nosso mundo…

Walking in the rain

Rushing to make our train.
Alone  among-st the grey,
Occasional puffs of white 
Spring up along our way.
Our sky is missing its blue hue.
The sun shines brighter,
Brighter in the company of you…
Moments to savor,
Memories and thought shared.
Shared with someone,
That someone is you!
Live is neither plain or simple
I must right all wrongs…
Eu tenho que dizer arrependido!
Nós revocamos, como sauda a tempestade, 
Nós permanecemos
Fortes para conquistar tudo.
Tempo está marchando
E nós estamos em seu passo.

All of you; matters to all of me…

© munster 2023
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