Under the starlit sky 


We rekindle memories of times gone by. 

Let this be the awakening,

To a brighter future for us all. 

We can dream of a new dawn, 

And the happiness it may bring.

Every time we see the stars,

Darewe dream of new beginnings.

We see such beauty

Staring at the night sky, in wonderment.

Are we reaching too far 

Or is this just the start of special times. 

Well old Bear, don’t just stop and stare, 

Tell me, I’m dying to know,

What’s it like up there?


The constellations are like life…

A revelation, sometimes trying, “I know”.

Is that the plough…what a shape…

Who looked up there and named you?

He must have been in awe, 

Maybe ditto, thinking that of us too.

And who tipped Hercules upside down? 

We can possibly turn him around. 

We all live quite happily under the Milky Way, 

Now and again our minds stray.

Many sailors have sailed

Across the treacherous seas,

Arriving safely because of you.

Many people try to predict the future 

Because of you, will any come true? 

Well, we like thousands before,

Many yet to come, 

We will always cherish you.

Stars may only come out at night,

But they live in our lives forever.

© munster 2023
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