Rags or Riches

The people who have nothing

Probably have everything. 

And the people, with everything,

Probably have nothing. 

Being kind to others

Is a gift that’s free. 

Loving all around,

That sets you free. 

Being honest and genuine

To all others is free. 

Caring for people 

You know or see is free. 

Taking time to stop,

And listen to others is free. 

Helping to make people feel good

About themselves is free. 

Being able to open your eyes 

See the beauty of life that is free. 

The ability to tell right from wrong is free. 

Helping others, wanting nothing in return is free. 

The basic costs of love and understanding 

Adds up to little more than Humanity.

Not trying to be someone 

We were never put on this earth to be.

Being too preoccupied with wealth, 

Caring only for ones self, 

Not seeing others hurt, or pain!

Failing to love all around,

These are signs of lifes natural poverty.

© munster 2023
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