The sum of the parts

The trees appear scarce
So high,piercing the sky,
Barren within
Dramatic beauty
Of the mountain sides… 

Its wide open and free,
Leaves these spectacular views, 
With no frontiers. 

The peaks constantly kissed by cloud 

Occasionally iced with white. 
The gaps and crags give character

To this true rugged space. 

Animals take care of all that’s barren and scrub, 

Its all survival. 
We lead down to the evergreen trees;

They constantly grow and change the scape. 

The streams whisper quietly

As they rush down to meet each other. 

Gorges so narrow, almost touching,

Stones abound kissing in part. 
Heather, one of life’s beauties 

Flourishes right here, 
Could you imagine my vista? 

We meander down further,

Into the formation of beautiful valleys. 

They wander round an unequal path

Telling tales of how it is. 
The ice age gave us such wonderful things,

Way back when time began. 

Breath taking air, Surrounds breath taking views. 
There is beauty abound all around

Life is more hectic down here. 

Small insects buzz around,Making the slightest sound.
Hush all so apparent. 

More to feed, fish finding good use

For the fresh mountain streams. 
They swim freely in the clear blue cold river, 

That has suddenly formed, 
The water dances twists and twirls 

Skipping  across the tops of stones.
Animals lap from this fast flowing source of life. 

It’s all so invigorating such an awesome sight
For my honest caring reflective eyes. 

Before all too soon it has raced far out to sea,
Beyond the reach of my watching gaze; 
These wondrous creations tell a story
They remind me so much of life. 

And as we grow in size and strength
We come to realise, 
We are here for the briefest of moments; 
Just like life the river runs through it.   


Enjoy our wild dramatic lands,

But save some for our future.

© munster 2023
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