Such skill…

The blind man amazes me!
See his patience,Tapping here tapping there,
He finds his take a seat 
Without a murmur without a fuss.
He so dearly wants to connect 
With us, within our big bad world.
Communication is key
A key that sets him free.
The phone is a leveler
In life’s big playing field.
He works it like a magician.
He reels through messages as if
There’s no  time, no tomorrow.
He can feel bad vibes!
Why do people sigh,
He senses impatience,  
Constantly smiling from ear to ear,
Little phases him…
He picks out his headphones,
Untangles the cable 
With the aid of his mouth…
He is not a visual prisoner.
He is so defiant, so determined.
He is as free as you and me.
Living beyond his visual scars.
Are there lessons to learn from such prowess.
That blind man sure plays a mean cellphone

© munster 2023
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