Being in touch

Speak less, speak slow

Speak sweet, 

Even when you’re 

Feeling low.


Let vibrations of 

Happiness be sent 

To all the priceless 

Five elements.


From dawn to dusk

Let all the organs

Sing of love

Not of judgement.


Being light, being sound

Beneath the sky, 

On the ground

In every moment.

© supratik 2023
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the constancy of such a state of mind is philosophically (perhaps not spiritually) a double-edged sword, I believe it can be a dreamlike goal for the vast majority, like an Escape. if you need it why not. if it helps overcome difficulties…

it wasn’t me this time, it was somebody else!

I hope i am not the only one that promotes!


Beautiful thought presented in a soulful verse! Nice lines, especially the last stanza..

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