The Devil’s lament

I am alone now as i deserve to be,
the path behind me a trail of broken promises,
of shattered dreams crushed beneth unrelenting feet,
tangled with the twisted branches of pointless lies, 
choked with the filth of betrayal,

i was selfish placing my needs above all,
no care or thought placed for those i met upon my way,
using them all over countless years for my own ends,
slaking my lusts and my hungers upon them without remorse,
i devoured their minds, their bodies and their souls,
like a ravenous wolf upon a helpless deer,
i feasted,

i could have helped them become so much more,
to rise out of the mire and the darkness,
releasing themselves from their prisons of flesh,
shedding the shackles of hate that weigh so much,
and poison their very souls with bile,

i could have helped them shine in the darkness,
like a candle in a starless night burning clear and true,
filling the dark with their light as they ascended,
becoming what their creator had ment to be,
beacons of pure souls, perfect reflections of the divine,

but i was jealous,
why were they choosen above all of this wonderous creation,
given the gifts we all struggled to even comprehend,
they had the power to choose not just to obey,
and were truley free not just slaves to his random designs,

so i chose to take my revenge upon them,
to drive them away from him beyond his sight and thought, 
letting him see they were not worthy of his love or his mercy,  
so he could instead love us who had been so loyal and true,
we who were his first children forsaken cast into the shadows,
like an older sibling jealous of the newborn,

i know now that i was wrong and i deserve to be cast down, 
down into the darkness so far from his grace and form, 
to be denied his love and forgiveness, 
i poisoned his world his creation his dream, 
im worthy now only of lies and hate,
to be alone without him evermore…

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