The pain i feel from my wounds hurts not, 
when compared to the pain in my soul… 
To be cast from my father, my creator, my reason to be,
To be cast down amoungst the savages who doubt his very existance,
with only dispair to keep me company i gaze up into the Sky, 
and the rain upon my face falls like tears,

I am fallen, wings burnt and charred, never to see again the glories of the divine,

I walk amoungst you silently and unseen,
Listening to you call my name,
seeking justification for all your sins, 
making me the one you seek to blame,
to escape the justice of my father,
and to enter his kingdom blessed and guilt free, 

i scream unto the heavens that i am innocent,
i pound my fist upon the doors of my fathers house, 
i cry into the night begging for my sire to hear my plea,

My pain in my heart cleaves my soul, my wounds do not heal,
I pray for forgiveness knowing it can never be,

I am fallen….

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