An old poem from my collection Idle Thoughts

Why shouldn’t men in love
Display emotion
Whenever Cupid’s dart
Pierces their heart?

They ought to rise above
The silly notion
That showing feeling
Is somewhat demeaning.

The spectacle of a dove
In graceful motion,
That keeps us in thrall,
Reveals the poet in us all.

If women can swoon
By gazing at the moon,
Men should feel no shame
In doing just the same.

© Luigi Pagano

© ionicus 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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Hi Luigi,
lovely to see one of the old ones back. You are quite right of course, why should we be ashamed of showing our emotions. I have done all my life, Always have ignored the silly statement that big boys don’t cry. What would love be without emotions? I love the poem, especially the last two lines.Well done.Be lucky, Peter.


Two submissions this time it’s a progress, Gothicman, I don’t know about the others, but I would really want to be challenged as a poet by you, so I challenge you to challenges us one day
Luigi enjoyed the read.

no, the meaning of challenge is different, it’s a friendly game that helps our community, it is like sports among nations
as you know already, i have no superior attitude and would never write poems based on news headlines sorry that’s a sad thing i hear that others do that


well when you like a challenge you want to participate, it’s not a duel or contest if you don’t see it that way and was not intended to be like that, anyway
we are trying to be helpful and we have suggestions and ideas and there should be nice little challenges because people need incentives offered by friendly and polite people that support our community.

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