The sillification society


You must be happy all the time,
eat a lot of junk food only, hamburgers and candy,
sugar pies and lots of pastry, coke and pepsi
and watch television every night at least five hours,
never go by bike or walk but only take your car,
and only read the yellow press and comics,
never pass a bar without a drinking bout,
since alcohol is only good for you,
like coffee, booze and cigarettes,
and if you suffer any pain somewhere,
the only remedy is medication,
you can never take too many pills,
and if you claim that you are well
there must be something wrong with you,
so you had better get examined –
there is always something wrong,
and doctors merely exist to give you ordinations –
the more expensive medicines you are allowed to take,
the more you must be grateful,
for all the junk food, all the smart soap operas,
where you don’t have to laugh yourself,
since playback choruses will do it for you
just to show you where you have to laugh;
for all the noisy screaming music everywhere
that you so much enjoy in every public place
and would prefer to have on constantly
to cure your tinnitus and deafness with
by ever boosting up the volume;
and for all the wholesomely benumbing medicines,
which do you so much good for your increasing fatness,
sloth and comfortable laziness and dumbness,
since you less and less need any more to think yourself,
which also makes you sleep so much the better
and the longer, so that one day even
you don’t have to wake up any more.
And just in case all this would not be good enough,
there always is the bliss of drugs.


© aurelio 2023
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Almost out of words … :). Peak performance!! Thanks!



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