An Emotional Fish …

Just for the sake …




The middle of a crossroads;

And dew showers all over me

As the world turns to morning …


A monkey on my back

Is trying to arouse me,

While trying to kill me

Like the ant stings the bee …


An autumn clearing

Strewn with fallen leaves

Tells a story

Not very often

Heard by me …


(Beware, mind you,

‘Cause emotions are due)


The few carry with them

Fears as ancient as fingertips …

As we fall into oblivion

My ears can only sense

The absence of her lips …


Not to many talk

Like a piece of chalk would

While painting Michelangelo

On the doors of the horizon


Which is where I’ll wait

If not in oblivion


Mind you; emotions have come

To stay;

Slender moments and a bird

Kissed the sun; a cat astray.


The sun is oh so still

While I’m strewn across the sky;

A shooting star at will,

And a never ending “why”?

© Omecronon12 2023
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