Report To The Boys

(EMOTION, challenge 11/26)


Yes, I crossed over.

Saw Maha and Granddaddy

Drinking coffee, under trees.

I have loved You Swep–

You Jeremy–each and every day

Since you were born.

Always, Jerene; and Erin–

Who one midnight called 

From NY, asked ¨Dad, when

Are you going to give up

On me?¨  ¨Never, Baby.¨–

I sired sons, Swep, and Jeremy,

And a daughter, Erin…

Who at fifteen, sold me her

Poems, $5 apiece.

© slovitt 2023
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I won’t pretend to get this poem in its entirety…. However, I feel the constrained aching love within it.
Merry Christmas Pops.
Alison xxx

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