The poetical over-sensitivity


Moody poets are most volatile and unpredictable,
they are complained of for their lack of continuity,
that you can never trust them,
that their constant roller-coaster causes trouble
and imperil not relationships alone but even lives,
and so the irritation of the growing avalanche goes on.
The problem is, however, not the poet
but poetic over-sensitivity.
It’s creativity that is too sensible
and can’t endure the smallest pea under the mattresses,
the soul wide open carried on the arm,
exposed and vulnerable much more than the body
to all those who can’t imagine how it feels and hurts
in our society where empathy is vanishing,
the first and gravest sign of total human bankruptcy.
With this I only wish to have it properly expressed,
take care of over-sensitivity,
since it is invaluable,
being creativity itself,
it feels and senses what most people fail to see,
it is the future and the key to timelessness,
and it is the only thing that matters,
when it comes to poetry.


© aurelio 2023
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moody people are volatile indeed, poets are not necessarily moody but indeed being an empath helps one write with great sensitivity and compassionate ideas.

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