Halcyon days

Arriving with thought

Tabula rasa…
Through a child’s eyes.
We had so much filling our fresh minds
Sponge like, ready to soak up fact or fable.
I can remember being told
when i saw an ambulance.
I must pin back and pinch my collar,
Look in haste for a four legged animal.
I never went to the hospital

Presuming they were OK,maybe naive.
In the hot summer  days
We would hunt a four leaf clover!
And chase the rainbows end,
We hoped to harvest a crock of gold…
Gaze, longing, trying to spot cheese on the moon.
We would run through the forest
And look for mushrooms appearing by magic
Lying , waiting to be plucked in the open fields.
The smells so fresh all so vivid.
Solitude never raised its head
Why do we rush such cherished years along lives track?
Halcyon days fed our creative minds.  

© munster 2023
no comments or critique sought.
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