Voile sur par…

On the edge of the Equator.

Almost equating to me…
Standing, kneeling
North and South,
East and West, I pray silently.
Wishing for the storm within to pass,
I look to you for guidance.
You stand there full of wisdom and grace.
Most of your beauty lies within.
Two Islands and two people,
Poles apart in thought!
Beaches full embracing charm.
The bluest of oceans racing,
Blue as the bluest of skies.
We share little you and I.
You can charm,
And mood me as quick.
Our storms engulf and rage within.
Stuck fast in the middle

Utopia in a my field if dream,
And a place of such wonder,
A new vista, tranquil.
I just want to haste 
Say my goodbyes
Leave this bountiful place,

I Wait patiently for my next tide. 

Two ships beached here,  

Ships that should never have
Kissed or embraced each others bow,
Only to pass in the dead of night…


© munster 2023
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