How Are You Today?

It is 5 o’clock
and the telephone rings
waking me from my slumber.
Should I answer, I wonder.
It may be a wrong number
like it happened last time
but it could be an emergency
and the insistent trilling
implies the utmost urgency.
My lips find the energy
to slur an hello.

Is that Mr….? I’m asked
and I say that I am.
“How are you today, Sir?”,
a faraway voice inquires
with a tone that’s oleaginous.
It is a cold call, one of those
that get up my nose
and I blow my top;
I’m too polite to tell them
to eff off and that’s why
I suggest that they should
go forth and multiply.

© Luigi Pagano 2018

© ionicus 2023
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critique and comments welcome.
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We can all relate to this, to many times we have those sort of calls, good work


Hi Luigi,
it is good to see you writing once again.I don,t get much chance these days. I like the poem.Yes I have had those calls too, .My usual reply is to tell them to speak i n German or French, as I am not very good at English.They always hang up on me..I feel like you to tell them to go forth and multiply.Tank you for sharing,


it has happened to me a few times, the last time i had just received a call from mother telling me my father has died “probably” and i should come as soon as possible. i thought it was mother again who wanted to tell me something, there was a brief hopeful moment it would be her telling me that father was still alive. i think i may have a poem here. it was a salesperson i said yes i want to change phone company, because nothing mattered anymore, i said yes many times she was thrilled, probably the easiest deal… Read more »

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