Hush not a word

Knit one pearl one,

She muttered, as the candles
Danced and flickered.
Click clack needle
Seemed to dice with needle.

Wool recedes as the bamboos twist and turn,
Prodding with haste into ever deepest red.

Fathers immersed in print.Head down out of harm, 
Sheltering from her ordnance.
No one dare speak a word,
Hushed in the early spawns of night.
Owl hoots are almost all we hear.
Bats whistling without sound
Against the chilling air.
Bert muttered a sober muted groan,
Even a pantheon would be spurned.

Her unique self  chilled every room.
Even the front with its adorning surround.
Each evening, taking your turn, 
We would prepare the pyre,
Success not failure your desire.
Scarce meager pieces burn within the grate    
Turn the coales, it’s cold,
Lets embrace the reddish glow
Before the embers disappear below,
Go on it’s late, turn them if you dare… 

© munster 2023
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