Hail Humanity!

Pseudo epic excerpt

The gentle embrace of a new morning

Touches me as if to say something,

And Excalibur is only myth

Turned to the silent sky.

Oblique observations …

Shades of part time,

Part whole,

Part true.

Veiled in Contantinople

I try to smile;

A floating sensation of force

Yet to be developed.

In the fractal rain Herod dances

Lightly in pairs of the seven …

Sealed is the gate

From here to the eternal

And we enter

Like the newborn do

To paint the sky in smiling lucid colours.

The bird od prey goes with us

As does the novelty of the seventh morning;

Moaning its distress to us.

What is there left

But this magnificent gift

We must not let go astray?


Never was there any mountain in this place!

Never was ther any Pharaoh here,

As all things being equal will suggest;

A suggestion of a novelty must come,

For all the people in this derelict place

Are hidden in everyday conjunctions

Of partialities consumed into

The tidal wave of infancy …


On silent sand

Newborn mothers dwell,

As do their siblings

The brothers and sisters of whom

Are following the absorbing sun

With no fear.

A savage dropped

Is dropped in abundant rain.

© Omecronon12 2023
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as we approach the end of this collective (either prelife or afterlife) dreamscape, novelties prolong our final moments before waking up, “to paint the sky in smiling lucid colours”, perhaps perhaps perhaps

enjoyed the read

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