The eloquence of silence


Most people talk too much
and say the less the more they say,
as if they had to compensate
by any means their emptiness
by filling it with torrents out of nothing,
while the unknown thoughts of any quiet person
are extremely interesting
for not being anyhow expressed,
that silence being so expressive
and expressing so much more than any words.
In the same way, the more noise music makes,
the less enjoyable it is as music,
while there is no music like the one you find in silence.
Maybe I have said too much,
so I had better hold my tongue for better silence.


© aurelio 2023
critique and comments welcome.
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self discipline, the “i had better” something we master in silence which we must always keep in mind as the wisest and most moral option if it is not tinctured by cowardice to speak.

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