CDC Conference


August 2018 Atlanta, Georgia

-Parasites- Ticks (degenerate spiders, forgetting the industry of their ancestors’ web) spread horrific rickettsia (degenerate bacteria that reject independence to mooch inside another living cell). The eight-legged quester drops onto an unsuspecting head from a leafy canopy, burrows in, appropriates the life fluid as it pumps in vandalism (Lyme) that multiplies–defacing cell after cell—fluky, cloy, camouflaging random symptoms but relentless–rosy rash ring on the skin, pierced heart, glands, kidneys, brain, physicality damaged, will sapped, energy drained–permanently. Malevolent beings, bloated like blood balloons, ridiculous eight stubs now useless too, drop off engorged but never satisfied.  )Déjà vecu( Accede to. (How can you comply with what doesn’t need your permission?)(she–you—her—blood—cells—bank—damage–feint—quest—gorge—bloat–fall.) Now is not the time: ((((((((((mirror)))))))))).


-Mutuals- Body is a contained universe—more/aliens/inside/you/than/you—needs met– amino acids assembled—nutrients spread—protections given—energy produced and delivered–assistance pacts honored—invaders ousted–all is not one but close—Homo sapien, bacterium, fungi, protozoan– the supremely sophisticated billion-billion family wrapped inside a skin border can be a strong nation–the back-and-forth in all things honed over eons—will is real but complicated–you throw woo at the girl whose scent your nasal microflora countenance –her aural microflora approbate the sound of your voice–allows her to fall for you—the circuit  grows stronger–the push is real—years grow like the rings of a tree—closing in–whose microflora is whose?—real time—That Brazilian woman speaker’s Portuguese accent is f’ing hot.

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Dontcha jus’ love them viruses and micro-organisms?

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