Before I go Surreal …

A repost from last week. This time the category is right … 🙂


Still there is this something;

Half a person left …

Can’t conceive my drifting

Out of the cleft.


I’ll hide my domencils in a rigorous true,

I’m not at all as pitiful as my one shoe,

Yet I’ll drown my tomorrows in an ocean that’s new

While hitting my head far out in the blue.

A viola sound makes my own tomorrow anew …


The smoke screen’s up where the chorus goes down.

The spectacle is lying there underground,

While the minutes are pounding with a vigorous sound;

Kinda like the chains are unlocked and unbound;

Looking up the peaches and the beaches around.


Well they all seem red just like the top of the wine;

Walzing cheek to cheek in the course of sublime,

Hiding their arms in a humble embrace

While the tenants are underneath their own pace

Drying out the fears from my ugly face …



© Omecronon 2018

© Omecronon12 2023
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Interesting and certainly surreal rather like those paintings with all sorts of things going on and you try and work out the hidden meaning. 🙂 sue.


Fragments of songs from the 60s 70s and 80s abound i.e. Peaches by Stranglers. Surreal is right.

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