Ticking Of The Clock

Bet all poets can relate to this ?

He was going to write a great poem

probably the best he’d ever done,

but when he sat down at his desk

the inspiration just wouldn’t come.

No matter how hard he tried

to get ideas down on the page,

nothing worth writing about arrived

leaving him on the verge of rage.

Then an eureka moment hit him

while listening to the ticking of the clock,

he’d write a poem on the frustration

of the dreaded writers block.

He ended up with five verses

about a poets worst nightmare,

when you want to pen a masterpiece

but end up pulling out your hair.

So the moral to this story has to be

that writers block isn’t so bad after all,

as you can use it as your subject

instead of staring at a bloody wall ! 

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Ah, very insightful well done.


Well done, been through it once or twice myself It will stop one day. Be lucky, Peter.

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