Hitler is the shepherd

Jesus was crucified.
Hitler committed suicide.

While the former
said, ‘hate the sin,
not the sinner’
it fell on deaf ears, went unheard,
the latter, a genocide ruler
has herds of sheep
to take care.

Hitler is the shepherd
a true leader
living in action.

Jesus has long disappeared
we worship HIM without fail,
especially on Sundays
in big mansions.

© supratik 2023
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all protagonists or characters of the same script/play one that has many versions and one that allows you to create your own according to your set of beliefs and the source of information that has reached you. it seems as if it’s a game – realistic and surreal – happening in some sort of dead/alive reality like the one in Ubik by Philip Dick (have you read it?) yes the official story about Hitler is the suicide and like Hitler Jesus too has many many other unofficial or apocryphal versions of the true story. is there a true story in… Read more »

yes i saw all this in the poem, and i agree you should not use cruel etc, and yes there is worship in buildings contrary to the teachings this is probably part of the game keeping theories open to interpretations about practically everyone and probably even the Son of God. who did it? and what are we supposed to do with various scenarios about everything starting from the existence of God – any god – to our own reality – does even this actually exist? Ubik and the Man in the High Castle. i recommend especially the second you will… Read more »

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