Lady leaders

O men!
You have been ruling the world
for long,
ruining it more;
throughout history,
you showed your strength
used power at length
for all the wrong reasons.

O men! Sorry
if it sounds unfair,
but ladies didn’t have the right to vote
you didn’t bother to include them
as late as in the twentieth century
to say the least,
their education is still at the mercy
of muscular men,
some decades ago
you’d burn them alive, like beasts
let them die and go
with their dead husbands

O men! O dear!
You scratched the world into pieces
like a scrapbook delinquents would tear
divided it with walls and borders
but now no more
you cannot keep the so-called
weaker gender
in the confines of your home
so sweet and tender,
to build your family
and subjugate them to surrender
to their master?

O men!
Let women rule the world now
you will see how,
more than ruling, they will serve,
care for the world
and soon it’d be a better place
to live and love
filled with charm and grace.

O heaven!
Let men step back
for the world to be moving
as one single home
without a trace of hatred and fear
under the guidance of women
in the able hands of lady leaders.

© supratik 2023
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who knows if there never was a huge volcanic eruption what would have happened

not an editor or admin or moderator, but it had been discussed in the past, and there was a time at old uka you could do it, the new platform is different. i do not think that at least here on ukauthors they would intentionally curb anyone’s freedom. most sites i’ve joined since 2001 didn’t allow it, deleting your comments, and even on blogspot it doesn’t allow you to permanently delete your comment without leaving a trace behind such as “comment removed by etc” on deviantart (a site you might also find good enough to post your work – i… Read more »

edited my reply above because i used the word work instead of comment, you can edit your work any time you want on deviantart, your comments can be edited for an hour or so and removed with a trace any time you wish.


I’ve just checked and there is no setting to allow the deleting of comments. You can edit any time (set to unlimited). I will investigate why and if it’s possible to add a comment delete button.
Yes, it is possible to delete comments. Follow the instructions in this forum post:

Socrates was executed
he was ahead of his time and didn’t find matriarchy unpleasant on the contrary but the laws of his city were different but yeah he wanted change. and was executed.

violation is one of the many ways to terrorize and hold in captivity, cause insurmountable obstacles to arise in one’s soul and mind to never find his/her true path never understand who he is or she is (or was perhaps). a fake identity emerges and controls him her

we have all been violated. be it in the mind or the body with the help of parasites.

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