The parrot


I glanced at the parrot
perched on the top of a tree
chirping away, to me
it sounded like ‘change’, ‘change’
strange, because at other times
I hear just a simple ‘hey’!

I hear a cow moo
a dog woof
a kitten mew
all in chorus singing
in my ears
telling me the days are few
fleeting away in years
I need to move
begin anew.

Did I want to hear this
from all of them?
Else how are they all
speaking the same
In different tongues
telling me past is behind
it could be unfair, unkind
but it’s over for good and far too done;
to be back now, in the winsome game
I need to shift, I need to change!

Suddenly I hear their ‘hi there’ again
up and about now, I seem to be free
from this notorious invisible chain
like a parrot in a cage trying in vain
to break free and relearn the art
to speak its mind, to talk from the heart
suddenly these callings help me regain
myself, I enjoy the light breathing fresh air
I’m back on track, present and fair
like the grinning parrot perched,
on the top of a tree!

© supratik 2023
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they tell us to enjoy it while it lasts, just be, just be and you’re free.


A rather laid back epic flow to it that I like and all of a sudden you’re there. Nice work indeed!


As for content your presence made sense. Far better than mine. Thank you!

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