infusion, from the past

Jan. 2, of this year of hope,

2005.  Sixty degrees in Memphis,

On the retreat that is my upstairs

Porch, me, and Lola barking

At first one runner, then another.

I’m drinking bourbon, 9:30

In the morning, I’ve recorded

That fact before, listening

To the CD Jeremy burned for me,

Big John, The Devil Went Down

To Georgia, stirring songs.

Inside, a telephone jangles.

Looking out over woods soaked

By a night of rain, and it

Still drizzling, I give a long wolf

Howl–now, turn to answer.

© slovitt 2023
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a great poem of yours from the past. nice to read it again.

it can be instructive too on how to write good poems.

there’s a typo: listening.


any new poems? why don’t you set a new challenge, can somebody do it? i’m sure it will be a success. it will help uka.


very glad ukauthors now has a new challenge and hopefully many will join and bring uka’s mojo back.

will you be writing one too?


cool. see? all it takes is a new forum topic posting comments replies and the place is slowly but surely getting its mojo back. Friday? it’s Monday i will be posting mine. now, let’s bring more people back.

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