Love unbreakable


I hope you always will remain aware
that I remain as constant in our love as ever,
dreaming of you every night
when we don’t sleep together
to enjoy the only perfect bliss
that sexuality can offer:
reaching satisfaction without hurting,
although it is never without pains.
You were the only one who never slowed me down,
while at the same time our love was always reciprocal,
never without dialogue, return and feedback,
which is why it always could continue
growing and expanding and developing.
The crises that were unavoidable with constant interruptions
never led to infidelity or any break-up
but to glorious renewals only, resurrections
and continued richness of our intercourse.
Of course we hope that it will last forever,
while we both know,
that although it must be definitely interrupted sometime,
it will merely continue in another life
to just take on another form again.


© aurelio 2023
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