To the memory of all the fellow writers who have left us.











Every now and then
we hear that the life
of a fellow author
has come to an end.

It may be someone
we have never met
yet through their writing
became our friends.

We were always glad
to enjoy their work
written in verse
or else in prose.

We might not know
anything about them
but can recognise
the style they chose.

We know their names
or their nom de guerre
and they’ll be forever
fixed in our memory.

© Luigi Pagano 2018

© ionicus 2023
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Thank you for that, Luigi. Recently we have lost Paul, John, Neil, Mike, Val, Bozzz…apologies if I have missed anyone out, It is all too much sometimes…RIP all…


Nicely put Luigi. I was thinking of Paul the other day. I am always surprised that connections we make online can impact our lives in reality. May they all rest in peace.


A lovely poem Luigi. A lovely sentiment. There is a lot of sadness when I think of them. Each one left their footprints in some way. Sometimes when I go back and read their comments, it’s almost as though they are alive once more…then the pain comes….
Alison x

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