The Joy Of Summer

A tongue in cheek view of summer.

A summer heat wave

pollen count high,

it’s boiling again

everywhere dry.

Windows wide open

day and night,

enter creepy crawlies

after a tasty bite.

Pale white bodies

turning lobster red,

that’s just in Skegness

and not on the Med.

Drink lots of fluids

don’t dehydrate,

and put a salad

upon your plate.

A nasty wasp sting

on a human nose,

and a water ban

on your garden hose.

Acrid smell

from a barbecue,

eat a dodgy burger

rush to the loo.

Loud rap music

in your neighbourhood,

songs you dislike

never any good.

Time for bed

try to sleep,

but you just lie there

counting sheep.

Summer is like Marmite

you like it or not ?

but we do all agree

that it is bloody hot !


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Too right you are, it is bloody hot,I enjoyed your poem,which is displaying the present heatwave so well.I don,t mind the heat, but don’t like the midget bites.I must taste like Marmite to them..Got lots of memories of Skegness. A good rhyme.thank you. Be lucky, Peter.


Hello Mistermarmite! I enjoyed reading your poem it made me smile and laugh in places too. You have hit the nail on the head of our Summer heatwave in the UK. I’m not normally a fan of rhyming poems, but that’s just me, but now and again some do catch my eye and yours is one of them…loved the way that you put everything down from hosepipe bans to lobster red suntans…the UK in a nutshell 🙂 much enjoyed. Sugar. xx

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