On school counselor’s advice, Priya was expelled. She was 14 and had a physical relationship with her neighbor-uncle, a 50 year old bachelor. On the fateful night, when she returned home late, bruises all over her body, she found her parents fighting; that low-voice fighting behind closed doors pierced through the walls; how she hated it. Top notch managers of huge teams of diverse ethnic groups, Priya’s parents fought with time, to find some time; but whenever they did, they fought with each other.

When the furious parents discovered their child in such a pitiful state, they slapped her, hurled abuses at her, like they did at the slightest excuse they could find; but here was a new word added, slut. Priya seemed unwanted. The dark night also had to pass, the child didn’t have the right of a nightmare; she was staring at the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Next morning, the parents took her to the best psychiatrist in town.

Listen we want her to be out of this trauma as soon as possible.
Okay, but what is the issue?
Please find out what’s wrong with her from her. Her school has thrown her out and we don’t know what to do! Day in and day out we are working for her, trying to give her the best of the best and this is how she is paying us back.
All right, don’t you worry at all; I will talk to her and get back to you.
Let her be admitted here until we come back in the evenings? And listen, we don’t want to hear all that ‘love me the most when I deserve it the least’, okay?
Sure, as you wish.

Priya and the psychiatrist spoke for two hours; decidedly, she was low and guilty; in between naps and favourite TV shows, Priya also played card games, like Solitaire, Hearts.

When the parents came back to fetch Priya, the psychiatrist, very affectionately, as though talking to some children, said to the parents:

Please take your daughter back. There’s nothing wrong with her, she doesn’t need counseling. I think both of you do. Let me know when. Also, if possible, may I talk to the counselor of the school?


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