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When the clock winds down,

When the clock winds down and stops:

When the clock ceases its insistent ticking,

Its beating, its hammering;

I say it’s about time.

Time, I say, to be rid of all this meticulous noise.

To go out, away from this calculated circle.

Go to a place where there is no time

To do no thing which is unnecessary.


This is what I mean:

Make the bed and leave,

Pay the bills and leave.

Water the dogs and bring in the sheep

And leave.


Leave all the labyrinthine passions;

All the astonishing splendors;

All the consumptive travails:

Contentions of the dragonish heart.

Leave them all.


Abandon whatever dream,

Device, scheme, plot,

Vow, ambition or desire:

All excretions of the spiderish mind.

Abandon them all.


Forget those brutal cadences;

Forget them all.

Forget those arrogances;

Forget them all.

Forget those fly-hung webs;

Forget them all.


  “Where there is no time

There is no death.

Where there is is no death

There is no passion.

Where there is no passion

There is freedom.

Where there is freedom

There is joy.”

A mahatma drifting by

Chanted it to the sky.

© ImSJ 2023
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but first be a helper of those who want to diminish evil acts. then leave to find this joy, which only then you deserve it, after you have done your duty.

at least in my opinion.
but yeah I agree this is the way.

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