Relative departure


Where is our love of ancient days,
when all was rosy red
and everything was more than beautiful,
as we went basking in our youth
of only positiveness, generosity and sunshine
while humility was ruler of the universe
and we subordinated naturally,
feeling part of it and sharing it
with joy and harmony of limitless proportions?
Alas, my love, it’s all now gone,
but only temporarily,
since only you are missing,
and as I miss you everything is gloom
while only dreams of pecoral nostalgia
comfort me, reminding me of my pathetic weakness
as my empty life now only fills with memories of you,
until you will be back,
which I sincerely hope will happen soon,
since it can never be too soon;
while actually we never really parted anyway,
since that is spiritually an impossibility.


© aurelio 2022
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