Getting on


Recovering from hardy nights of exercise,
you wonder naturally how it all will end,
in some kind of disaster,
as is natural for passionate affairs,
or just a humdrum commonplace divorce
when boredom has replaced all passion spent,
or infidelity, the worst of all,
or just an incapacity to go on and sustain it?
Worries have from the beginning clouded
everything in our relationship,
and there is no way out from them,
except the only sensible and perfect choice:
to concentrate on friendship and companionship.
That is the vital thing that we could never lose,
if we just stick to that diplomacy
and take in passion just for luxury,
as cream and bonus for an extra.
Let us also keep in mind,
that love transcends us all,
and no matter how much we love,
we never can fulfill our quota
of our real capacity.


© aurelio 2023
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