Never mind what is.

a garden
beneath your heaven
see yourself as king or queen,
challenge your old belief systems
anger, hatred, jealousy
watch your thoughts, all of them.
The reality you imagine
will show on the scene.

Wars and worries will cease
peace and happiness,
not from your acquired intelligence
but from your unabated faith
will manifest at ease.

© supratik 2023
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I don’t know about you but Rage is my middle name until everything has a decent experience of living and dying. Not this hellish situation we all experience from the subatomic level to the largest sun in the “universe”.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

yes make oneself better in every sense, more righteous virtuous and moral and compassionate but the goal is one and only to help others to change the world also or try on your own and you need rage against the old order. you need to be merciless towards them so that the world will be free from them forever.

i’m jobless for the last 16 years. yes I felt the way you feel now. I tried the things you mention in my own way, but I was curious about what’s next, I felt this wasn’t enough.
i don’t have anger. my rage is against the unseen ways humanity is being controlled.
i don’t want to change anyone. i write and use the internet only temporarily. just for fun that is all.

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